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With Soon Chiong Trading Corporation, it's quality every step of the way. From pre-selecting raw materials, to the final output, we apply a meticulous and rigorous process to ensure that only the highest quality products are used and produced.

Only pre-graded Philippine Mahogany lumber pieces are used; and these are then subjected to a carefully monitored kiln-drying process. With this kiln-drying process, the lumbers pores are closed, making the wood less susceptible to any changes in temperature and humidity. Thus, with this kiln drying process, you are assured that there would be minimal warping, distorting, splitting, expansion nor contraction in the wood.

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It is not enough that you have good raw materials. To make a good product, good materials have to be subjected to good craftsmanship. At Ho Soon Li, products are constructed to exact specifications, and engineered for reliable performance. Our team exerts utmost effort to bring out the natural beauty of wood throught detailed contours and patterns.

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